San Jacinto Museum of History

San Jacinto Celebration

April 22, 2023, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


A man on horseback wearing a double breasted jacket salutes a person standing on the ground.

This April, the San Jacinto Battleground will once again hear the booming of cannons, the cracking of musket fire, and the shouts of “Remember the Alamo!”

On Saturday, April 22, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the 2023 San Jacinto Day Celebration, presented by the San Jacinto Museum and Battlefield Association and the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, will be a day of fun, food, history and reenactments celebrating the 187th anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto. Reenactors dressed in period clothing will make the epic events of April 1836 come alive, and reenactments throughout the day will recreate the dramatic events that led to one of the most decisive and impactful military victories in the history of North America.  


The Road to San Jacinto:
The Battle of San Jacinto didn’t happen in a vacuum. It was the final chapter to six months of fighting and debate about the future of Texas. Representatives from the other major Texas Revolution sites will be on hand to share their parts in the story that ended with the Battle of San Jacinto.

Living History:
Step back in time to revolutionary Texas! Hands-on, participatory activities will let you interact with reenactors as they cook food, check weapons, and engage in the daily routines of soldiers and civilians from almost 200 years ago. All activities are family friendly and include fun activities just for kids. Drop in all day long.


Other Activities/Food:

Food trucks and a variety of vendors will be available for on-site purchases.


Parking is extremely limited. Ride shares and carpooling are encouraged and appreciated. A drop off location near the San Jacinto Monument will be provided.


For more information about the event, email or call 281-479-2421. For information about sponsorships, contact Kali Ellis at or call 281-4792421 x018.



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