Part of an old map of the San Jacinto area from the Texas Revolution

Lobby Exhibit

Treasures From the Vault

December 13, 2023 to May 12, 2024


THIS CAPTIVATING EXHIBITION delves into the rich collection of the San Jacinto Museum.  The primary objective is to unveil the nuanced stories and unique characteristics embeeded within each artifact, providing visitors with a profound understanding of their historical significance.

"Treasures from the Vault" invites patrons to embark on a journey through time, spotlighting three remarkable artifacts: Antonio López de Santa Anna's snuffbox, Sam Houston's automatic pen and pencil, and a 19th-century war drum.

The combined narrative of Santa Anna's snuffbox, Houston's automatic pen and pencil, and the war drum illustrate the diverse facets of the past. "Treasures from the Vault" not only showcases these artifacts but also invites visitors to engage with the intricate stories woven into their existence, fostering a deeper appreciation for the cultural and historical legacies they represent. 

A few of the artifacts you’ll see in the exhibit