The Battle

Conquer or Perish

UNCOVER THE ORIGINS of the Lone Star State at the San Jacinto Museum and Battlefield. Discover how a decisive 18-minute battle for independence changed the fate of a young nation and forever altered the course of world history. The story of America is infused with the legacy of Texian valor.

Texian reenactors assault the Mexican reenactors’ breastworks! Come see them at our next San Jacinto Day celebration.


LEARN HOW SAM HOUSTON turned a steady retreat into a surprise attack, and certain defeat into sudden victory at San Jacinto.

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The Battle Flag of San Jacinto


THE BATTLEBattlefield

EXPLORE MAPS OF the battlefield and the resulting westward expansion to see the true impact of the victory at San Jacinto. Get a birds-eye view of this most significant piece of Texas real estate — today and as it was back in 1836.

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TAKE A CLOSE-UP LOOK at the weaponry used by both sides — when warfare was generally more up-close and personal.

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THE BATTLECommanders

EXPERIENCE THE WISDOM and instincts, caution and courage —  as well as the brilliant maneuvers and costly mistakes — that changed history.

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THE BATTLEVeteran Bios

POUR OVER NEARLY 11,300 biographies of soldiers from both sides of the conflict, including the combatants at San Jacinto and the baggage train detachment at Harrisburg. Their stories help us better understand what it took to win Texas independence. 

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