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The Stuff of Legends

THE SAN JACINTO MUSEUM creates and hosts a variety of exhibits featuring regional art and artifacts — in a way that’s interesting and informative. These exhibits change from time to time, always giving fresh insight into our past, present and future.

Explore the photo galleries below to see more of what’s currently on display, then come visit us to see the real thing!

Special ExhibitAfter the Battle of San Jacinto

OUR NEWEST EXHIBIT explores the series of events that unfolded after the Battle, and sheds light on the stories of men and women who participated in the Texas Revolution and continued to make their mark after Texas gained its independence.

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A painting of Texans riding into battle on horseback that's being displayed in a special exhibit at the San Jacinto Museum

An banner for the "Trains to Texas" I-10 exhibit at San Jacinto

ExhibitI-10 Rest Area Exhibit

IF YOU’RE TRAVELING through the Houston area along Interstate 10, stop by the Chambers County Safety Rest Stops at mile markers 814 (eastbound) and 815 (westbound) and visit our exhibits. The current exhibit features a fascinating look at railroads in Texas. 

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Lobby ExhibitPreserving the San Jacinto Battlefield

THIS EXHIBIT SHOWCASES the efforts to safeguard the Battlefield in the 19th and 20th centuries and is currently on display until November 12, 2023.

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Photograph of an antique insignia pin from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas

The cover of Samuel Chamerlain's "Water Colors of the U.S. Mexican War"

ExhibitOnline Exhibits

WHO OPENED THE MONUMENT on April 20-21, 1936? What did Texans do in the War To End All Wars? Why were postcards so popular at the beginning of the 20th century? How did railroads help build Texas? Find the answers to these and check out our reenactors galleries in our free online exhibits.

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ExhibitPermanent Exhibit

STEP INTO HISTORY at the San Jacinto Monument’s Permanent Exhibit hall, where centuries of Texas’s past come alive. Explore artifacts, prints, weapons, maps, and more, that tell the story of Texas independence and the shaping of the Southwest. With frequently updated exhibits, you're sure to discover new insights into our region’s rich and diverse past. 

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Sam Houston bust displayed with many other of the General’s artifacts in a display case at the San Jacinto Museum