Part of an old map of the San Jacinto area from the Texas Revolution

Special Exhibit

After the Battle of San Jacinto

April 19, 2023 to March 31, 2024


THE SPECIAL EXHIBIT, After the Battle of San Jacinto, explores the stories of men and women who made their mark on Texas during the Republic period, 1836-1846.  The exhibition explores three themes: immediately after the Battle of San Jacinto, the Republic, and Life under the Republic. Stop by the museum and learn how men and women made their mark in Texas history.  

The first shots of the Texas Revolution were fired on October 2, 1835, at the Battle of Gonzales. In the following months, a series of clashes occurred between the Texians and Mexican forces throughout Texas. On April 21, 1836, General Sam Houston led the Texas Army at San Jacinto and defeated the Mexican forces within 18 minutes. 

Not only was the San Jacinto Battle a monumental victory for the Texians, ending the Texas Revolution and securing the new nation's independence, but it gave impetus to many of the people involved to accomplish significant things after the Revolution ended.

A few of the artifacts in this exhibit