Spinning and Weaving

A woman sits amid spinning wheels spinning yarn inside the San Jacinto Museum.

SETTLERS ON THE TEXAS FRONTIER, especially settlers who lived far from the urban centers like San Felipe de Austin and Columbia like the McCormicks, had to rely on their own skill to make fabric for clothing. Women made homespun cotton fabric using spinning wheels and primitive looms.

Mary Rabb, who immigrated to Texas with her husband John in 1823, recalled her early days in Texas, saying, “Andrew Rabb made a spinning wheel and made me a present of it. Then I was very much pleased and soon got work to make clothing for my family…. I kept my spinning wheel whistling all day and also a good part of the night.”

Learn more about traditional spinning and weaving at a demonstration from the Bay Area Weavers and Spinners every third Saturday at the San Jacinto Museum.

When: every second Saturday; drop in between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Where: San Jacinto Museum

Age Range: All ages

Cost: Free with purchase of ticket to the San Jacinto Museum.