Part of an old map of the San Jacinto area from the Texas Revolution

I-10 Rest Area Exhibit

San Jacinto in the 1830s and 1930s

Two distinct exhibitions tied together with a common theme of San Jacinto are at the two rest stops along Interstate 10 in Chambers County. The first exhibit delves into the life of San Jacinto veteran Sidney Sherman and his pivotal role during the Battle of San Jacinto. This exhibition showcase two of Charles Shaw's remarkable paintings, with one depicting Sherman's daring attack on the Mexican army, and the other capturing the Texian assault on the Mexican camp. Moreover, this exhibit offers an interactive experience, allowing travelers to scan a QR code and access an online exhibit where visitors can explore items once owned by Sidney Sherman. 

In the second exhibit, visitors can explore the intricate details of the San Jacinto Monument's construction, including the star, shaft, base, and frieze designs. This exhibit also offers allows visitors to scan a QR code and access the San Jacinto Museum and Texas Historical Commission's website for real-time updates on upcoming events and activities. 

If you’re traveling through the Houston area along Interstate 10, make sure to stop by the Chambers County Safety Rest Stops at mile markers 814 (eastbound) and 815 (westbound) for a fascinating look into the history of San Jacinto. Stop in on your travels to see how the past has created the present. 

A few of the artifacts you’ll see in current I-10 Rest Area Exhibit