San Jancinto Museum of History

Lobby Exhibit

Through July 7, 2014.


The Carabajal Collection: a Glimpse of Goliad

Diamonds and emeralds set in precious metals. Decorative beads made of glass, coral, stone and metal. Pottery sherds and weaponry from the wide range of cultures that have occupied Texas placed side by side. These are some of spectacular artifacts that are currently on display in the lobby of the museum in an exhibit entitled “The Carabajal Collection: a Glimpse of Goliad.” This 400+ item display represents a small percentage of an archaeological collection that has been unearthed on private land near Presidio la Bahia in Goliad. Rarely on view to the public, the selection of items was made by 14-year old Jimmy Carabajal. Jimmy is one of the amateur archaeologists who, along with the rest of his family, family friends, volunteers, students and professionals have been excavating the Carabajal family land for years. As our Guest Curator, he and his father went through the wealth of their collection and selected some of his favorite artifacts, along with relics that spoke to two major themes that can be found in his holdings: religious and military life. The collection will be on view at the museum until the late summer, so come out and catch a “glimpse” of this remarkable collection before it is gone.