San Jancinto Museum of History

Lobby Exhibit


Ways of Comfort: Valuable Hints for
Ladies Traveling by Rail

“The one great problem which puzzles and bothers the fair sex when traveling by rail is to secure the same easy comfort enjoyed by their masculine fellow-passenger, and yet not sacrifice their good looks. The ways and customs of the railroad car are so peculiar that, as a rule, it is only those old stagers who are always traveling who arrive at a solution of this important problem and manage to look pretty and stylish, and yet feel thoroughly at ease. A few hints to our inexperienced readers will enable them to avail themselves of the knowledge which, as a rule, is only learned after many discomforts...”

An 1878 article advising the female traveler as to what is both proper and comfortable to pack for a multi-day train journey in America is the basis for a lobby exhibit featuring artifacts from our collections that would have been a part of this well-equipped traveler’s luggage. Cosmetics, comfortable clothes, many, many handkerchiefs and some change for a tip are all on hand to bring life to this exhibit that takes a whimsical look at the past.