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Thank You

This summer, the museum has been very fortunate to acquire a wide range of new artifacts from generous Texas donors and a selection of them will be on view in the lobby in celebration of this season of giving. One of these items is a Harper’s Ferry 1819 model Musket that is said to have been used by a Texian solider at the Battle of San Jacinto. The Model 1819 Rifle, donated by David Read from Garland, Texas, to the museum, was the first breech loading military arm produced in large quantities and adopted as a regulation weapon by the U.S. Military.  It was also the first firearm successfully made with completely interchangeable parts.

Two other recent acquisitions, a complete uniform worn by Henry Rossen in the US Naval Armed Guard in World War II and a series of five watercolor illustrations by noted Texas artist Bruce Marshall, are also of note.  The uniform includes a summer and winter uniform, sweater, long underwear, hats, duffel bag, and even leg warmers and fingerless gloves. The U.S. Navy Armed Guard was a service branch of the United States Navy that was responsible for defending U.S. and Allied merchant ships from attack by enemy aircraft, submarines and surface ships during World War II. 

The paintings were executed to illustrate Marshall’s 1999 book, “Uniforms of the Republic of Texas: and the Men That Wore Them, 1836-1846” and are titled Republic of Texas Cavalry, Colonel Juan Morales, Lt. Colonel William Travis, Moses Austin Bryant and Colonel Sidney Sherman.  These colorful images of soldiers involved in the Texas Revolution are valuable not only for their artistic quality, but for the well-researched uniform ensembles worn by the figures in the works.

Several new gifts have also been received in the library, including materials from the San Jacinto Inn from the family of Gladys Poe, who was a manager and one of the former owners of the popular restaurant located next to the San Jacinto Battleground, and a photograph collection showing the Wirld War I military service of Pvt. Herman August Bergman.