San Jancinto Museum of History



Through June 10, 2015.




What kind of impression do you make?

Over the millenia, humankind has told its story — on rock, on paper, on wood, on just about anything solid. "Making A Mark, Leaving A Legacy" explores the hundreds of different ways humans have left their mark on history. The show features more than 300 artifacts ranging from pre-Columbian rocker stamps to Masonic aprons that tell entire stories in pictures to tools, ingredients, and exotic formulations used by 19th century Texas pharmacists. Examine how multiple cultures over many centuries have crafted artifacts to effectively communicate traditions and ideas. Then discover the stories of the people, events and places that have left an indelible, but subsequently lost, mark on the history of the land.

The show also features a wax bust of Sam Houston made by the sculptor Gutzon Borglum, the artist who designed Mount Rushmore. Get to know the famous General a little closer while exploring Borglum’s little-known connection to building the San Jacinto Monument. 

Round out your "Making A Mark..." experience by touring the Museum’s permanent collection, taking the famous 489-foot ride to the top of the Monument and watching Texas Forever!! The Battle of San Jacinto. Combination admission tickets are available to ride the elevator, view the movie and tour the exhibit.