San Jancinto Museum of History

Field Trips

The San Jacinto Museum of History is the perfect destination for your next field trip. And that’s a fact proven by the volume of classroom traffic we’re honored to host each day. The facility is often booked months in advance.

We want your class to experience the San Jacinto magic. The over 500-foot tall tower and over 500-foot long battleship may be pizza for the senses, but they’re broccoli for the brain.

To schedule a field trip to the monument call 281.479.2421 or fill out the online Group Visit Form to reserve a spot for your class. Then, see the tips on planning your visit below.

Students are both entertained and inspired by our award-winning 35-minute presentation, Texas Forever!! Housed in the 160-seat Jesse H. Jones Theatre for Texas Studies, Texas Forever!! tells the Texas story from the Spanish colonial period through the Battle of San Jacinto to the westward expansion of the United States to the Pacific Ocean.

The 1,000-acre San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site itself is a wonderful place for on-site student activities.

The biggest thing to remember about bringing your class to the museum is to make reservations for your group well in advance.

Visit us to get your kids fired up about the story of Texas — and history in general — at the San Jacinto Museum of History!

Planning Your Field Trip

Because safety and fire codes limit the number of visitors allowed in the Museum at any one time, you must make reservations. Please use the Group Visit Form or call 281.479.2421 to do so. When calling, please have the following information handy:

  • Name of your school, principal and school district.
  • A complete mailing address of your school with the name, work and home phone numbers of the teacher in charge. Please also include the name of a person to contact if your group leader is not available.
  • The grade level of the students.
  • The total number of persons in your group, including students and adults. Please be as accurate as possible in your total tally. Our multimedia production, Texas Forever!!, books up quickly; last minute add-ons may not be available. The Jesse H. Jones Theatre for Texas Studies has a capacity of 160 seats per show.
  • The date, time, and activities desired. Please have at least one alternate date and time in mind when calling for a reservation in the event that your original choice has been booked.
  • The arrival and necessary departure times for your group.

Arriving at the Monument

  • Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled activity.
  • When planning your bus trip using the Lynchburg ferry route to the Museum, allow extra time for ferrying and traffic congestion.
  • Stop to unload students on the west side of the Monument.
  • Have students remain outside for a short orientation while the group leader checks in at the information desk in the lobby.
  • Designate a group leader to collect all the money and bring your confirmation sheet and the money to the information desk in the lobby before students enter the Museum if your group is purchasing tickets to Texas Forever!!
  • Remember that groups will be escorted single-file into the Museum through the west entrance.
  • Select one person to hold the door open for the entire group to enter the Museum. If your group is entering the theatre, one group leader and a Museum usher will count the number of students and adults to verify that number with your ticket voucher.

Visiting the Park

  • Tours of the Museum are self-guided. Students are given an orientation on the west side of the Monument before entering the Museum (no charge.)
  • The 35-minute production, Texas Forever!!, is shown daily, on the hour from 10AM to 5PM in the 160-seat Jesse H. Jones Theatre for Texas Studies in the Monument ($4 entrance fee, per student and adult.)
  • The San Jacinto Chapter of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas has placed markers throughout the San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Park to help interpret the actions of the two armies on April 20 and 21, 1836.
  • The Battleship Texas, the oldest remaining dreadnought from World War I and World War II, is not currently open for public touring. 

Enjoying the Monument

  • Encourage students to keep voices low. Because walls of the Museum are made of hard materials, even moderate voice levels are amplified.
  • Maintain a one-to-six teacher-student ratio for the safety of your students and for protection of rare items in the Museum. Obviously, running and disruptive behavior is prohibited.
  • Visit the Museum Store, which offers a variety of inexpensive souvenirs and educational items for students and adults, in small groups due to the small size of the store. Income from the Museum Store is used exclusively to support the educational programs of the San Jacinto Museum of History. We suggest groups limited to 20 students at a time with a chaperon.
  • Note that there are no specified areas designated for student lunchtime. During pleasant weather, students often eat their lunches on the steps on the north side of the Monument. During inclement weather, students often eat inside their school buses. Please designate an adult chaperon to supervise any clean up that may be necessary. Plastic trash bags are helpful for this.
  • Protect our collections. Please do not bring gum, food, drink, or pens into the Museum. Organized activities that require writing must be done in pencil.

Safety First

  • Remind students not to run or jump on the Monument steps, terraces or anywhere inside the Museum.
  • Caution students not to stand, sit or play near the terrace ledge.
  • Caution students that the limestone terrace and stairs are slippery when wet.
  • Have students remain in their groups with their group leaders.