San Jacinto Museum of History

Materials Terms of Use

Anyone with a legitimate research need and who is willing to make a reservation is welcome to use our materials. Please follow our terms of use, below. Many of our research materials, including rare or aged books, documents, photographs and certain textile items require special handling and security.

We request that you assist us in the preservation of our holdings by adhering to the following procedures:

  • Deposit material unnecessary for research outside the reading area.
  • Refrain from smoking, eating and drinking in this area (not allowed).
  • Maintain the order of manuscript materials.
  • Avoid stacking books or heavy object on any materials.
  • Report damage or disarrangement to the staff.
  • Use only pencils

It is the researcher’s responsibility to conform to all legal provisions such as literary right and copyright affecting the materials used. The Museum will not be responsible for the researcher’s infringement.

Please consult our librarian at 281.479.2421 to learn the proper form for citation of historical collections.