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Part of an old map of the San Jacinto area from the Texas Revolution


Research and Reproduction

THE SAN JACINTO MUSEUM is a rich depository of resources for the study of the Republic of Texas, and early Texas statehood and politics. Other areas of focus include the U.S.-Mexican War, the War Between the States, the American West, early American art and culture, and the history of Mexico, Spain, and France.

The Albert and Ethel Herzstein Library boasts more rare books per square foot than the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., and its books, maps, manuscripts and collections are available for your next research project. The library’s collections are non-circulating, and may only be used in the library.

The library is open for research by appointment on Fridays and some Saturdays. To schedule an appointment, contact the librarian at 281.479.2421 x024 or request a date below. The searchable library catalog site can be accessed here. Or submit an inquiry and a member of our staff will find you an answer.

Use of the library is free for members of the San Jacinto Museum and Battlefield Association, and is $5 for non-members.

Unsure where to start your Texas history research? Check out our suggested reading list.

Whether writing a book, working on a thesis, or investigating your genealogy — the Albert and Ethel Herzstein Library at the San Jacinto Museum is a good starting point for your Texas research. 

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Janurary 2023

Image Acquisition and Use

IN ORDER TO DUPLICATE IMAGES from the Herzstein Library, you must first download our Image and Publication Request Form (PDF). Simply fill out the form and return it by mail or fax (281.479.2428). You must have Adobe Acrobat to view this file.

Image Acquisition Fees* Nonprofit Commercial
Print of digital image, black & white or color;
existing file, printed in-house 8" x 10" or 8 1⁄2" x 11"
$10 $10
Digital image, 600 or 300 dpi
$25 $50
Digital image, 72 dpi suitable for computer screen viewing
(cost will be deducted from larger digital image if ordered)
$10 $10
New digital photography or scan required, add
$10 $10
Set up fee for new photography
of large or 3-dimensional items
$75 $75

*10% member discount on above

Usage Fees** Nonprofit Commercial
Publication - (interior) one edition, one language
$25 $50
Ebook - (interior)
$25 $50
Bundle - (interior) three versions, print or electronic
$50 $100
Additional versions add per version to bundle
$15 $30
Cover - one edition, one language; print or ebook version
$100 $200
$25 $50
$15 $50
PowerPoint and Slide Presentations
$10 $50
Exhibit or public display
$0 $50

**Nonexclusive, worldwide rights – fee per use; reuse fee is same as initial use

Electronic Shipping Fees  
Digital image via Dropbox
Digital image picked up on CD

Shipping via USPS, FedEx, or other shipper can be arranged, $5 plus actual shipping cost


Researcher’s use of own still digital camera, no flash, no tripod, for research use only, $15. Handheld scanners prohibited.

Photocopies: $.75 per page letter/legal size, $1.00 per page 11x17 size; mailed (if necessary) at actual cost, USPS.


Usage Policies

Conditions for ReproductionExpand
  1. Reproductions of materials from the collections of the San Jacinto Museum and Battlefield Association (SJMBA) are provided under license agreement for the purpose indicated in writing by the user and agreed upon by SJMBA. Conditions governing their use are specified in these Conditions for Reproduction and on the signed Image and Publication Request form, which creates a contractual agreement when signed by both the user and a representative of SJMBA.
  2. All requests for digital reproductions or permission to reproduce images within the collection must be requested in writing using the SJMBA Image and Publication Request form. SJMBA will not sign contracts produced by outside parties.
  3. Permission to publish or display an SJMBA image must be granted by a SJMBA Image and Publication Request Form signed by a SJMBA staff member. Possession of an SJMBA image does not constitute permission to use it.
  4. Permission may be granted upon written request for one-time, non-exclusive use of photographs for publication, exhibition, or other purposes if the proposed use is specified and approved by SJMBA. Any subsequent use of the same image requires separate application and permission.
  5. Usage rights fees may apply and may vary depending on whether a reproduction is for an individual, non-profit, or commercial institution and how it will be used (personal research, publication, exhibition, etc.)
  6. A price break is provided to non-profit entities only if proper and appropriate proof of non-profit status is included on the order form in the space provided.
  7. The reproduction may not be bled off the page, cropped, or altered without permission. When a detail is used, it must be identified as such. Nothing may be superimposed on the reproduction and it may not be reproduced on colored stock.
  8. A credit line must appear with the image, or on a credit page indication the page number of the image. The credit line will read “The San Jacinto Museum and Battlefield Association”, and will include the artist’s or creator’s name when known.
  9. Images posted on the World Wide Web must be posted at no greater than 72 dpi and 750 x 500 pixels. SJMBA reserves the right to request the removal of its images from any web site.
  10. Please note that a 600 dpi file may not be available for all images.
  11. In granting permission to publish or use an image, SJMBA does not transfer any rights that it owns, and permission is granted only to the extent of SJMBA’s ownership of the rights related to the request. Consideration of the requirements or copyrights is the responsibility of the author, producer and publisher. Applicants assume all responsibility for questions of copyright and invasion of privacy that may arise in reproductions.
  12. When an image from the SJMBA collection is published, a complete copy of the publication must be presented, without charge, to the SJMBA’s Albert and Ethel Herzstein Library.
  13. Payment must be received before media will be provided. Please wait for an invoice before making payment. Payment may be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, cash, by check made out to: San Jacinto Museum and Battlefield Association, or online through a link provided on the invoice.
  14. SJMH reserves the right not to duplicate any book or manuscript that in the judgment of the staff may be harmed in the process, or due to issues regarding ownership or donor-instituted restrictions.
  15. Users will not quote or otherwise reproduce in part or in whole any archival material, without citing SJMBA and without giving explicit written acknowledgement of the collection from which it was obtained, as designated on the finding aid to the archival material.
Materials Terms of UseExpand

Materials Terms of Use

Anyone with a legitimate research need and who is willing to make a reservation is welcome to use our materials. Please follow our terms of use, below. Many of our research materials, including rare or aged books, documents, photographs and certain textile items require special handling and security.

We request that you assist us in the preservation of our holdings by adhering to the following procedures:

  • Deposit material unnecessary for research outside the reading area.
  • Refrain from smoking, eating and drinking in this area (not allowed).
  • Maintain the order of manuscript materials.
  • Avoid stacking books or heavy object on any materials.
  • Report damage or disarrangement to the staff.
  • Use only pencils.
  • Wear gloves (provided) when viewing photographs, or when requested to do so by a staff member.

It is the researcher’s responsibility to conform to all legal provisions such as literary right and copyright affecting the materials used. The Museum will not be responsible for the researcher’s infringement.

Please consult our librarian at 281.479.2421 to learn the proper form for citation of historical collections.