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Destinies on Display

One of Texas’ Best-Kept Secrets

The Albert and Ethel Herzstein Library began in 1939 with gifts from the descendants of Texas heroes, including Stephen F. Austin, Sam HoustonMirabeau B. Lamar and Sidney Sherman. In addition, a major gift was granted by founding President, George A. Hill, Jr.

Though many materials relating to early exploration and statehood can be found in the library, emphasis is on colonial Texas as a part of Mexico, the Republic of Texas, and the early days of Texas statehood. The library's holdings include books and other research materials on any subject related to Texas culture and development.

The Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation donated over a million dollars to the Museum, allowing the library, archives and museum to re-catalog and classify its collections.

The library has books from early convents and monasteries in Mexico with rare brandings. It offers a complete listing and biography of San Jacinto Veterans. And it houses some of Sam Houston's personal papers.

And we're not just talking about history books. Antique and contemporary books on everything from science to art to etiquette can be found here. In addition, the Albert and Ethel Herzstein Library holds a cache of historical manuscripts, maps, blueprints, photographs, and lithographs.

From a 1556 mathematics book to the latest biography of a San Jacinto veteran, the Albert and Ethel Herzstein Library is a feast for researchers, scholars and the intellectually curious. Visit us today!

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