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The Albert and Ethel Herzstein Library obtains its material by purchase, exchange, membership, gift, bequest, and as a condition for publication of images from the Library and Museum collections. The library collects materials in a variety of formats and languages. 

Due to costs incurred when an item is received, the library may refuse a gift if the item is in poor condition, if it does not fit the collecting mission, or if sufficient copies are already part of the collection. Restrictions on your gift may apply; speak to a staff member for details. To inquire about donating a book, please use this form, or call the librarian at 281.479.2421.


The library’s primary collecting area is Texas history, focusing on the Battle of San Jacinto, the Texas Republic, Texas under Spain, France, Mexico, and history up to the 20th century. Other collecting areas are materials that support the object collections of the San Jacinto Museum of History, and museum and library management.

Priority is given to materials pertaining to the Battle of San Jacinto, San Jacinto veterans, and the Texas Revolution in general. But many other materials are also in demand.

You may also donate objects to the Museum.


You don’t have to fight in a battle to become a real-life Texas hero. There are a number of books we want to add to the stacks. Please consider giving one of the titles below to the library, so that researchers, scholars and everyday citizens get the full story of Texas’ heritage.

To donate one of these books, contact:

Herstein Library
Attn: Wish List
One Monument Circle
La Porte (Houston), TX 77571-9585



Black Leaders: Texans for Their Times. Barr, Alwyn and Robert A. Calvert, editors. Austin, Tex.: Texas State Historical Association, c1981.

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