San Jancinto Museum of History


Planning a trip to the San Jacinto Museum of History? Whether you have an hour or an entire day, San Jacinto is a must-see for both residents and visitors to the Houston area. Among the rich and fascinating things to experience are:

San Jacinto Battleground

Walk the Battleground and relive the famous battle for Texas Independence. Granite markers designate locations of the Texian and Mexican camps, as well as the site of the advance by Texian forces. In 1894, a committee of veterans of the Battle of San Jacinto located important sites of the Battle's events. Metal pipes were placed to designate these sites which were replaced in 1912 by granite boulders by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Take a tour of these markers on the ground or on our virtual map.


Battleship TEXAS

The Battleship TEXAS is preparing to receive needed conservation, and is not currently open for visits. offers a variety of recreational and educational experiences for visitors and organized youth groups, as well programs for students of all ages. Self-guided tours offer a glimpse into the life of the men on board the Battleship TEXAS during World Wars I and II. One can climb 60 feet above the water to the flying bridge or down 20 feet below the water into the engine room. View the restored sleeping quarters and medical facilities, engine room, guns, and anchors. You can also take a guided tour into parts of the ship that are normally closed to the public.


Marsh Restoration and Boardwalk

From the 1,210-foot long marsh trail and boardwalk you can view the native prairie, tidal marsh and bottomland forest as it appeared at the time of the historic 1836 Battle of San Jacinto. Visitors will spot coastal birds like the Roseate Spoonbill, Wood Stork, Mottled Duck, Osprey, White Pelican and other wetland denizens such as the River Otter.


Recreation Area

All throughout the grounds you’ll find picnic tables, grills and water faucets. An enclosed picnic pavilion overlooking Buffalo Bayou is available by reservation.

Many people see the monument, museum and battleship in the morning, take a picnic lunch and enjoy the park or nearby golf course in the afternoon, and top off the day with dinner at the nearby Monument Inn.


The Brigham Monument

Brigham Monument

The eight men of the Texian side who died in battle or shortly thereafter, were buried on the battlefield. The graves, with the exception of that of Benjamin R. Brigham which had a headstone, were marked by wooden stakes. When a 15 ½-foot marble shaft was erected on the graves in 1881, that of Brigham was the only one that could be located, as the stakes had decayed. The other graves were known to be situated in a row adjacent to Brigham’s grave. The shaft, carved with nine stars, lists the men buried nearby, as well as the name of a ninth man, who died less than a month after the battle: Benjamin Rice Brigham, Lemuel Stockton Blakey, John C. Hale, George A. Lamb, Dr. Wm. Junius Mottley, Mathias Cooper, Thomas Patton Fowle, Ashley R. Stephens, Olwyn J. Trask. A number of other markers from the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century are nearby.

Things to Do in the Area


Helpful Tips

  • Plan ahead; check the hours of operation and amount of time you’ll have to spend at the park
  • Glance at the weather forecast and dress appropriately; Houston can be quite warm, but the museum is climate controlled so bring a jacket.
  • Parking is free and we accept all major credit cards, checks and cash for admission to venues and at the store
  • Prioritize the things you want to see most—there are more than a day’s worth of activities at the park
  • Bring cash for the admissions fees, since they are small. Parking is free and credit cards are accepted in the museum store
  • Carpool. If five families or 15 employees are going to spend the day at the park, please don’t take 10 different cars. It’s easier on the environment, your fuel bill and conversation.
  • Use sunscreen and drink plenty of water if you’re out at the park during summer
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Become a member!