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  • MEASUREMENTS: 18"L (a) and 15 1/2"L (b)
  • DATE MADE: c. 1898


Two pieces of a wooden chair. Leg (a) and armrest (b). Both have traces of paint or finish. Leg (a) is square at top and tapers towards bottom. Two dowel pegs project from one face at top. Adjacent face has two holes. Paper label glued to leg reads "Houson Public Library". Armrest (b) has hole for peg at each end. According to catalog card, the pieces were originally accompanied by a label reading "From the Battleship Maine June 1st 1912".


The U.S.S. Maine was sunk February 15, 1898. She was raised from 1910 to 1912 and eventually taken out to sea and sunk again March 16, 1912. Originally presented to HPL by Mrs. H. H. Veckert.

  • CREDIT LINE: Houston Public Library

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