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  • MEASUREMENTS: 33 1/2"L (outstretched) x 7 1/2"W
  • DATE MADE: c. 1870


Physician's saddlebag (a). Brown leather with brass trimmings. Two bifurcated pouches for carrying medicine bottles and equipment. Leather dividers in two compartments (b,c) for dividing compartment to hold 10 bottles. Outside flap stamped: "ELLIOTT'S PATENT/GRANTED JAN 18 1870/A.A. MELLIER/St. Louis, Mo./SOLE PROPRIETOR". Leather torn and damaged in several places. Overall condition good. Lock for one of the pouches is detached. Contents of the saddlebag, which date to the late 19th century, include 23 small glass apothecary bottles (d-z), five medicine vials (aa-ae), part of a scale (af), scissor-style forceps (ag), a small metal medicine box labeled "Dr. Knorr's Antipyrin" (ah), a cardboard box labeled "Dr. C.H. Fitch's Pocket Prescription Scale (ai), four folded papers containing granulated materials (aj-am), five papers used to wrap medicine bottles (an-ar), and a round metal container (as) which is sealed, pocket scale in four pieces (at-aw) (Dr. C.H. Fitch's Pocket Prescription Scale, from box


Saddlebag was used by Dr. Hugh Christian Spears (1828-1906). Purchased in St. Louis in 1870. When Dr. Spears came to Texas, he lived first near Taylor and then Hillsboro. See also L-567.

  • CREDIT LINE: Spears, Hugh Chrisman (Family of, c/o Ruth Roberts)

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