San Jacinto Museum of History

Observation Deck

Due to the recommendation to observe social distancing, the museum is currently closed to the public.   


Experience Texas history from the tallest monument column in the world. At 570 feet, the San Jacinto Monument towers 15 feet above the Washington Monument in D.C. It’s stature alone—apart from its historical significance—is worth a trip to the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site.

Gain a Better Perspective on Texas History

Ascend on a nearly 500-foot elevator ride to the observation deck and overlook the sprawling grounds where one of the most decisive battles in our nation’s history took place.

Although it’s hard to imagine Houston as anything other than a booming city with a ship channel that brings in more foreign tonnage than any other U.S. port, this is the land where heroes fought. It was here where General Sam Houston and his Texian Army defeated General Santa Anna’s Mexican forces and secured independence for Texas.

Additionally, from here you can see another true piece of history—the Battleship TEXAS—once the world’s most powerful ship, and a veteran of World War I and II.

Complementing this experience is an interactive multimedia show with interesting details about the battle, as well as fun facts about different things you can see from the observation level.

Relive the most defining moments in Texas history and visit us today.