San Jacinto Museum of History

Feeding an Army: Campfire Bread

December 3, 2022, noon to 3:00

Line drawing showing a soldier seated before a campfire, holding a pan over the fire

Before an army could fight, it had to be fed!  Soldiers in the Texas Army were usually supplied with the basic ingredients and had to make their own food out of what was provided.

In his memoirs of the Texas Revolution, Dr. Labadie wrote that the day before the Battle of San Jacinto, he “secured a small tin pan full, and having made it into dough, I threw it on the hot embers, and in ten minutes it was bread.”

On Saturday, December 3, visitors can make their own campfire bread, just like the Texian soldiers did 186 years ago.  Drop in between noon and 3:00 p.m. outside the San Jacinto Monument, for a free experience for adults and kids aged 5 and up.

The program will be canceled in case of rain or strong wind.

For more information, email  or call 281-479-2431.

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