San Jacinto Museum of History

A Stitch in Time: Quilting and Fiber Arts in the 1830s

12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m.

Both functional and decorative, quilting was an artform that flourished on the Texas frontier. From the fabric used to the pattern stitched into the top layers, quilts tell a story about the women who made them and the lives they led. They let women who lived miles from the nearest store turn scraps of fabric into a piece of art and gave them a much-needed opportunity to socialize with their far-flung neighbors. Quilting is also cultural, and from the colchas bordadas made by Tejanas to string quilts made by enslaved women, quilts were (and still are) a way to celebrate cultural traditions.

Learn more about quilting in early Texas at A Stitch in Time, a demonstration of quilting and fiber arts from the 1830s. Quilting experts will demonstrate quilting techniques using a quit top pattern from 1836 and rarely shown quilts from the San Jacinto Museum of History’s collection will be displayed. We will also be teaching visitors basic quilting stitches and English paper piecing.

Free with admission to the San Jacinto Museum, this event has activities for kids and adults.  Drop in between noon and 3:00 to participate.

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