San Jancinto Museum of History

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The San Jacinto Museum of History is housed in the base of the San Jacinto Monument. The Museum is operated by the San Jacinto Museum of History Association — a non-profit organization — in association with the Texas State Parks and Wildlife Commission. 

More than just a gateway to a great view, the Museum is your gateway to Texas culture! It was established not only to honor those who fought here in 1836, but also to re-visualize the history of Texas and the Spanish Southwest. It was created as a steward of history, and to promote friendship between Texas, Mexico, Spain, France and Latin America.

Special treasures can be found from Mexican Texas, the Texas revolution, and the Republic of Texas. But the museum also holds art and artifacts from the Spanish conquest, French Texas (a small collection), Spanish colonial life, the Mexican Revolution and the Anglo colonization of Mexican Texas. Texas’s early statehood and the Civil War are also featured.

From books to bayonets, swords to sketches, there’s something here for everyone. So turn off your television. Reschedule your appointments. Take the day off. You have a date with destiny! What are you waiting for? Visit us today.

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