San Jancinto Museum of History

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Worldly Goods

While many of those who fought at San Jacinto in 1836 left the new republic in search of the next great adventure, more of the veterans settled in the new nation. Some of them continued in the military, others became politicians, lawyers, farmers and merchants. The San Jacinto Museum of History has worked diligently over the years to obtain biographical information about those who fought in the significant battle that occurred at this site.

For many of these soldiers, the museum has obtained artifacts that not only reflect their time in battle, but document important milestones in their personal and business lives during the Republic of Texas. Several of those items are on exhibit here including a string of wax pearls given by a veteran to his daughter on the occasion of her marriage, a vest worn by another veteran at his third wedding, and an adz head that helped build a new home. These artifacts illustrate the struggle to survive and succeed in the nation for which the veterans had fought; the families that preserved these worldly goods of their ancestors and later donated them to the museum saw them as relics of their ancestors’ success, representing a life well lived after their service to the cause of freedom.