San Jancinto Museum of History


I-10 Rest Area Exhibit

Through Spring 2018




Early Pharmacies in Texas


The pharmacy collection of the San Jacinto Museum of History contains hundreds of items from prescription logs and accounting books to actual medications and the tools to make them. The artifacts were collected from many of the major 19th and early 20th century pharmacies in Texas.  Along with drugs and related items, druggists in Texas frequently sold other items such as perfumes, paints, powders, soaps, and cooking spices like black and white pepper and cumin, used to create compound medicines. Many of these businesses, which were often some of the most profitable and long-lived in their towns, were located near the I-10 corridor.  Stop in and see some of the highlights of the museum's pharmacy collection as you are traveling. 



The Chambers County Safety Rest Stops are on both the east and westbound sides of I-10, near mile 813.  Stop in on your travels to see some local history.